Charles de Temple

A pioneering figurehead of the 1960’s modernist movement, Charles de Temples is revered as one of the most influential designers in bringing in bold and abstract jewellery to the forefront of fashion.

Charles de Temples was born in Mexico in 1929 and was brought up as part of a famous Ringling Brothers Circus, touring across America. He was the illegitimate son of American film actor and director Tom Mix.

De Temple’s jewels were well known for being large, extravagant and sculptural statement pieces. This style led to high demand for his work in London during the ‘swinging’ sixties.

This resulted in several notable high-profile commissions during the sixties. These included two one-off commissions for James Bond films: he made the Goldfinger that Honour Blackman wore at the 1962 Premiere of the film.

He also designed the ring Bond (George Lazenby) gifted Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo (Dianna Rigg) in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). This iconic ring went to auction in 2019, selling for over £50,000 (£52,500 hammer price).

Charles’s use of the creative technical processes and his sheer imagination birthed outrages designs, often inspired by nature, stylised and abstracted into decorative forms that became the trademark of the era.

Recent years have seen surges in the popularity of jewellery from this period, resulting in an ever-growing interest in the works of De Temple and his peers.

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